Lisande's ramblings

Are there really people out there who want to know something about me? Well... I'm a fortysomething year old (yes, really - the school dates are from a Harry-Potter-fanfiction!!) civil servant who failed to grow up, so at heart I'm about 5...
I like filking though lately, I've not been very inspired - but one can always hope! Currently I'm annoying my neighbours by learning to play the guitar, and before that I used to abuse my recorder (which I don't really can play... poor neighbours). I like roleplaying and fantasy stories, and sometimes I even try to write some fanfiction in German and English.
Is there more to know about me? Perhaps - and if I come to think of anything I might add it.

Ha - I've done this quiz about the Hogwarts-house-mix - and this is what came out:

You're a Ravenpuff!: You are a very analytical and
ingenius person, someone that likes to invent
new things. The way you look at life is with
wonder, and sometimes you're even a little
naive. But people love you for that trait and
they feel the need to protect you from the
harsh facts of life so that you can retain your
innocence. You are very capable person and when
there is trouble people turn to you because
you're able to stay calm and collected. You
like balance in your life and you try not to
make many waves. Even still, if there is
something that you believe strongly in, you
will commit yourself totally to that cause.
Your weakness is that sometimes you can be
indecisive and perfectionist, especially about
little details and you drive people crazy
sometimes with these traits. With the
innocence of a Hufflepuff and the calm of a
Ravenclaw you will be loved in life!

Which Mix of the Hogwarts Houses are You?
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